Are you still playing by the old rules?

We’re Here to Help You Navigate Challenges

At Accelera we like to view the changes in the world today as unprecedented opportunity to provide innovative products and services. But to succeed in this environment you need to be equipped to handle a new type of switched on, discerning customer.

Your customers have changed the way they buy,
but have you changed the way you sell?

Accelera helps you understand the new rules of business. We support you with the right tools and techniques to accelerate your business by helping you navigate the challenges of your industry.
Our clients are all types of businesses including Startups and Small Businesses, all the way up to Multi-National Companies.
If you have a burning desire to grow or want to achieve results in a project book a meeting with us!

How Can We Help You?

To accelerate your business we provide expertise in three main areas


We analyse your existing business processes to identify where things can be improved. Then we help you create the policies, procedures and systems required to improve them.


We analyse existing marketing material and marketing channels to determine if you are telling the right stories to the right people. Then we create a tailored strategy and equip your sales team to take advantage of it.


To achieve project or business success you need to have the appropriate mindset which is a combination of a deep desire to succeed, willingness to learn new ways of doing things and a work hard to achieve success attitude. We support our clients to build up this capability within themselves and their team.

Why choose Accelera?

There are three main reasons why our clients choose us

20+ Years Online Experience

We understand the world of mobile, social and online technologies because we have seen them develop over the past two decades. These industry insights allow us to leverage the right tools and technology to grow your business without wasting time, money and energy on solutions that just won’t work.

Trusted Business Advisor

Our Director is extremely passionate about business and is a keynote speaker on business, motivation and leadership. He knows these skills inside out and understands how to keep you inspired and motivated during the tough times to become successful in business.

Personalised Service

We exist to help you grow your business or achieve your project outcomes and we don’t use a cookie cutter approach to our work. We listen to what you want to achieve, examine your current business and then use tools and techniques specific to your circumstances to achieve your business goals.

What Do Our Clients Think?

We work with a diverse group of clients from Small Business to Multinationals

"Increased Sales by 45% in Six Months"

“The entrepreneurial advice received from AJ is priceless. His in-depth knowledge, vast wealth of experience and authenticity are very important to me. AJ’s desire to help people succeed and grow in business (and life) is genuine, and he won’t hold back on anything that he thinks will help you to achieve your goals. Implementing AJ’s strategies increased my sales by 45% in six months.”

Karen Filer, Natures Finest Skincare

"67% Increase in Leads"

“After 30 years in business I only ever trusted word of mouth marketing but AJ convinced me to do a website and a video on YouTube. Now I no longer have to chase business as my phone keeps buzzing with calls and email inquiries. Our leads have increased by 67% with a 95% conversion rate.”

Craig Willingham, Affordable Group

"I've learnt to understand what my clients really want, which is crucial because our business relies on women talking to each other."

Michelle O'Hara, Intimo Lingerie

"Working with AJ made me think about how to revamp my business to be more in line with my target market."

Peter Shepard, PSG Consulting

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