Step 1 – Select a Program

Business Mentor

$ 500

+ GST / Per Month

Business Mentor

Perfect for:  New businesses / start ups / employees to entrepreneurs

Learn to focus on the right things in business, development your time management skills and build up the mindset of an Entrepreneur.

  • Monthly Business Focus Meeting (Face to Face or Skype)
  • Understand your business goals
  • Discuss ideas to help you grow
  • Develop your focus and time-management skills
  • Keep you accountable to your goals

Sales AdvisorMost Popular

$ 1000

+ GST / Per Month

Sales Advisor

Perfect for:  Existing businesses who want to increase sales

Learn to focus on marketing and sales strategies to accelerate the growth of your business.

  • Monthly Business Progress Meeting (Face to Face)
  • Revamp sales and marketing processes for efficiency
  • Identify potential customers and what to say to them both online and offline to increase sales
  • Evaluate and adjust your marketing material to assist in gaining new sales leads

Growth Partner

$ 2500

+ GST / Per Month

Growth Partner

Perfect for:  Existing businesses who want open multiple locations or to franchise

Learn to focus on strategies and operational tactics to improve efficiency to accelerate the growth of your business.

  • Monthly Business Progress Meeting (Face to Face)
  • Analysis of existing business model to determine potential problems
  • Full access to me when required
  • Attendance at networking functions with you
  • Social Media, Presentation and Sales training

Step 2 – Get In Touch!

Email –> akulatunga[at]blkmgk.com.au


Message –> http://facebook.com/ajkulatunga

What Do Others Think?

AJ was able to make an event happen in 6 days that apparent experts had been unable to deliver after 6 weeks. An asset who thinks on his feet and is not afraid to take a risk.

Jane Johnson, CEO Lifeline Topend

"I've really learned to understand what my clients truly want, which is crucial because our business relies on women talking to each other."

Michelle O'Hara, Intimo Lingerie

"I really enjoyed this workshop because it has made me think about how to revamp my business to be more inline with my target market."

Peter Shepard, PSG Consulting